Cody Everson

On June 11 2011 Cody sustained a C6 ASIA B Spinal cord injury whilst playing for his Shirley Boys High rugby side. He recieved anterior fusion and bone grafting to stabilise his neck and rehabilitated at the Burwood Spinal Unit for a six month period.

As a result of his (SCI) he has impaired use / total losss of his upper limbs, trunk and lower limbs and has impaired motor power and sensation below the level of lesion.

The NZRF have 'been by Cody's side' ever since the injury and have been able to assist in legal matters (via establishment of a trust to assure his future is considered with his best interests at the fore), with pursuing his dream of playing for the Wheelblacks, and various other projects to add to his quality of life.

In 2015 Cody become a member of the national Wheelchair rugby team 'The Wheelblacks' and participated in several tournaments with the team as they tried to qualify for the Rio Paralympics in 2016

Recently Cody brought a house that he shares with flat mates where he continues to progress with his ability to be independent with his activities of daily living.