Kendall Akhurst

Kendall Akhurst was 23 years old playing for his Avalon club rugby side when his injury occurred. He was tackled and rolled forward as his neck twisted resulting in an incomplete fracture at C5/6.

Kendall spent the next 4 months in the Burwood Spinal Unit, Chirstchurch, during which time he commenced his rehabilitation. Always being an independent individual Kendall was determined to make as much progress as possible with rehab so as not to be a burden on his support crew. Diligently seeking advice from medical staff, applying himself correctly and remaining focused saw Kendall advance. Present day he can walk short distances with crutches which provides increased freedom.

Westpac had employed Kendall since early 2000,only months before his accident. During the recovery and rehabilitation time they held his call-centre position open. He has repayed their faith in him by remaining loyal to the company and now holds the position of Online Proposition design manager.

Now married Kendall appreciates any assistance The Foundation offers, though as with all our VIPs independence is valued also. Kendall makes every effort to involve himself with events and functions we promote as he sees the interaction, motivation and guidance the longer diagnosed VIPS can offer as one of the key strengths of the NZ Rugby Foundation.