Ross Orsmby

I have found the Rugby Foundation a great support over years.  I have lead an active, sporting life and been involved in Rugby.  Over the years I have gone to the Foundation for items of disability that ACC won¹t cover such as:

  • A wheelchair rugby frame
  • Electric Handcycle (with a possible replacement)
  • Training workshop in Australia

Tickets to rugby games negotiated and supplied by NZRFU  have been important to me.  For years I paid for Waikato Rugby and tests outside of Auckland.  I have gone to a lot of Rugby over the years.  I hope NZRF can make contact if I can go to World Cup next year.  I have gone to a lot of games - thanks!
NZRF have offered help with ACC which I haven¹t needed yet but may need soon.

I am talking with NZRF about future building of a new house, a Project to research, map and document Rail Trails and tracks for hand cycles and chairs along with a possible business opportunity.  Their support of organisations like wheelchair rugby has helped me indirectly.

I think a big push in last few years by Foundation has made it so much better than the feeling of being 'left out' and a forgotten member of the rugby community.  The networking opportunities with other injured guys and social opportunity to be at luncheons, 7¹s and test get-togethers has been great along with being recognised and gifted to at Xmas is wonderfully
important at feeling included.