Have you ever considered picking up a whistle and becoming an umpire?

As an umpire you have the best seat in the house at every game! It’s a great way for players and coaches to increase their rule knowledge; plus for those that have hung up their bib, why not pick-up a whistle – it’s a great way to stay involved! The good news is, to get started all you need to bring is a bit of enthusiasm and a passion for the game - we’ll take care of rest and give you the tools and support you need to become an umpire or help welcome you back to umpiring.

We offer a supportive environment for all umpires. If you have the ambition to be on the NNZ umpire pathway and have goals to umpire at the highest level we can support you to help develop and achieve your goals.

If you are new to Wakatipu and are wanting to umpire this season, complete our registration form with your details and our Umpire Coordinator will touch base with you or email

Learning to Umpire Module

NNZ has a Learning to Umpire Module for New Umpires and Player Umpires which replaces the Netball New Zealand Centre Theory test. This module is the first step towards the Centre Umpire Award or a pre-requisite for some Centres for Player Umpires.

The Module helps New and Player Umpires understand some of the rules of netball as well as some practical techniques to enhance their umpiring.

Instruction on how to access and navigate the Learning to Umpire Module can be found​​​​​​​

Download the Rules of Netball Available now on the App and Google Play stores.

For the Rules of Netball to be used from 1st January 2020 please use the links for the PDF below:

Click here to download the 2020 Rules in English