WHS PouńĀkai Gym Usage- We have been given access to the WHS Gym this season- NO teams are to enter the venue before 6.30pm. There are school basketball trainings being held until 6.30. Please respect it is a closed training and the public do not have permission to be there before 6.30pm. The round starts at 6.45 so you have 15 minutes before your game to warm up inside or you can make use of the outside space. 

Scorecards- From this week it is TEAMS responsibility to email a photo of their scorecard at the end of the game to seniors@wakatipunetball.co.nz. When the full-season draw is complete you will be handed out a pack of scorecards for the season for you to bring to games. If you do not send your scorecard through your scores will not be added to the points table. Also a reminder you must provide a bench official for both teams to take the scoring. 

Umpiring- ALL teams are expected to umpire when needed, this won't be every week but ALL teams will be expected too at some point. Please regularly check website for allocations but to be safe- check every Wednesday evening. If I have time- I will email teams letting them know they have an allocation but please appreciate I always don't have time to do this- but I will where I can. A list of named umpires you can pay will be on the website shortly.

Tactical Game Changes- With the new rules- this includes a tactical change that teams can bring a player on after they have scored a goal. The umpiring committee has said we will trial the time being stopped for these changes- but if we find that games are running too late- we will have to revert to this time not being stopped for tactical changes so please when you do this- ensure it is not disrupting play too much.

Please don't personally facebook message senior committee members asking what time your game is - just look at the website as it will be there when it is ready. 

Substitute Players

Please add yourself to the substitute Facebook page and post when you need players- this needs to be done before you decide to formally forfeit

Terms of this is on the Facebook page itself.