General Information


Our Main Registration OPEN DAY will be in March. Keep an eye on facebook (@suburbsjuniors) and our webpage for details of dates and times.

ONLINE registrations are welcome at any time that the link is open on our website. For our main “in person” clubrooms registration dates, keep an eye on facebook and our webpage for details of dates and times. Clubroom registrations and weigh-ins start late February.

Players are to come to the clubrooms during the registration dates for official photos, and all tackle grades players are to be weighed in at the clubrooms prior to being assigned to a team. This is regardless if you have previously registered online.

The season kicks off the first weekend of May, and plays through until the last weekend of August.


Suburbs have its own grade for Under 5’s (not shown below or on ARU charts). This is for children keen to learn to play a less structured format of Rippa rugby, and players are usually aged from 3 years to 5 year old (Year 0). These games are played along with Mt Roskill Club and played on Friday nights.

For children in school Year 1 and older, they will be placed into teams based on their school year as at 1st April, and then into a weight grade as per Age/Weight Grade table.

There are “Girls only” grades, however Girls are welcome to play in the mixed teams if they prefer. Also available are “Non-Contact” grades for Boys only. Dependant on being able to field a full team of players.

If your unsure of what grade to register, please email for assistance.


For the Under 5’s grade (Nursery), they are placed with other players usually with similar home address, or attending the same preschool as they usually move on to attend the same schools. – please include the name of pre-school in the notes section.

For Year 1 grades and above, your child will be placed into a team based on what “school year” they will be as at 1st April that year. Then allocated usually on which school they attend.

For Tackle it will then be decided upon the weight grade they are placed in (Restricted or Open) after an official weight recorded at the clubrooms. These can be discussed during the registration dates at the clubrooms.

Please let us know during the registration process if you have any specific team requests.


Under 5’s grade is played Friday nights at 4.30pm at Shadbolt Park, New Lynn or Fearon Park, Mt Roskill

Most other grades are played Saturday mornings, with Year 1’s usually starting from 8.30am, Up till Year 8’s usually played up to 11.30am.

Friday night games are played for some Girls only grades and Boys Rippa grades.

Some games will be played on our own grounds at Shadbolt Park New Lynn, yet there is also some travel to other clubs around Auckland depending on which clubs have teams in your child’s section. From Manukau to Pakuranga to Waitemata.


Team Training times and nights are determined by the Coaches and Managers of the teams. These usually consist of at least once per week for younger grades, and often twice per week for the U11 to U13. 

We aim to get as many teams training at Shadbolt Park as possible, but these may need to be at other available fields. Trainings could be for up to an hour, and start from 4.30pm through to 6.30pm. This will be notified to you by the team manager.


All players from Under 5’s through to Year 8 MUST play in club socks and shorts.

Mouthguards MUST be used at all practices and games

Boots are required for all ages and can be either sprigs or plastic moulds

Under 5’s are supplied one team tee per player. They get to keep this tee.

Year 1 – Year 8 are supplied at each game, a Suburbs Club playing jersey which is to be handed back to the team manager after each game.

All other equipment for games and trainings will be supplied to the teams’ coaches


As with most sports, these are run largely by volunteers. Suburbs Junior Rugby is no different.

Each year we are always looking for parents or family members that can help out in any way. If you can help out in any way, even if it is helping to cook sausages at one of our Senior home game events, every bit helps.

Please make contact with one of our awesome Junior committee members, or email us at

For any other information you can contact our Junior Rugby Committee on


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