Netball Manawatu Representative Programme

Netball Manawatū Spring Fling Tournament 2023

Tournament Play

Points will be awarded as follows:

Win = 4 points       Draw = 2 points       Loss = 0 points      Bye = 4       (No Bonus Points)

  • In the case of equal points, placing shall be determined by goal differential (i.e., total goals scored for, divided by total goals scored against).
  • Netball Manawatū will supply match balls that will be brought to the courts by umpires.
  • Any protest arising from a game must be lodged with the Appeals Committee within 15 minutes of the end of the game. No protest related to umpire quality or competence will be entered.  
  • Please faithfully monitor player’s playing time each day, which should not exceed 120 minutes. 
  • Each team must provide one person to score each game. These scorers must stand together for the duration of the game. This will be the official score of the game.

Game Rules

The following rules should be always followed:

  • Team officials may coach while play is in progress provided that they remain seated or stand at their team bench.
  • Coaching is permitted during any stoppage by team officials, who may approach the players at the side-line. Bench players may also approach the side-line if coaching occurs.
  • The Primary Care Person shall decide if the injured/ill player is fit to continue.
  • Where teams do not have a separate Primary Care Person, they may identify representative from the team in this role for the duration of the event.
  • Rolling subs are allowed – please ensure the player is off court before the next player enters match play.
  • Mixed teams may have up to three male players on court at any one time, with no more than one male in each third.

Team Responsibilities

  • Teams are responsible for their own travel and that of their accompanying umpire.
  • Each team is responsible for their own first aid kit, is conversant with tournament rules and ready to play on time at the appointed court.
  • Any changes to the team list already submitted must be done prior to the first game and players must play in the registered team throughout the tournament.
  • Each team must provide one person to score for each game. These people must stand together for the duration of the game. This will be the official score for the game. Failure to do so will result in the opposition’s score being accepted as the official score.