The HNHS Parent Guide 2024 provides helpful information about the organisation and operation of our school.  Click the link below to view the latest edition.

Student Support

Students' personal and social needs are met by our effective guidance and counselling system, through which we ensure that all students are individually assisted and supported to make the most of the opportunities offered at school. We go to considerable effort to give each student every chance to succeed.

A vibrant house and vertical form system provide students with a home base and sense of belonging in a busy school. Form Tutors and House Tutors are responsible for the welfare of the students in their care and they maintain a close liaison with home.

Regular reports are sent home to parents and parent-teacher consultation evenings are held throughout the year.  We welcome and encourage parents to contact us about their child's schooling.

Guidance Network​​​​​​​

The guidance network is led by Deputy Principal, Miss Glenys Sparling-Fenton. Other members are Deputy Principal Mr Sam Wallace, the guidance counsellor, Ms Gaye Evans-Love, and House Tutors:

Kauri -   House Tutor Mrs Emily Cargill 

                Assistant House Tutor Mrs Nicola Littley-Va'asili

Miro -    House Tutor Mr Wyn Drabble

               Assistant House Tutor Mrs Anita Vennell

Rata -    House Tutor Mr Sam Grapes

               Assistant House Tutor Mr Ryan Gaffaney 

Tainui - House Tutor Mr James Lloyd 

               Assistant House Tutor Mrs Nicola Lewis

Te Waka Awhina Committee​​​​​​

The Te Waka Awhina Committee looks after and promotes the interests of Māori students and whānau.  The committee is made up of staff members who regularly consult and meet with students and whānau.  Tasks include the development of policies to support Māori education in Havelock North High School, the gathering of data about Māori educational achievement, implementation of school goals around Māori educational achievement, and consultation with whānau.​​​​​​​

If you would like to know more about the work of Te Waka Awhina then please contact any one of the following members of Te Waka Awhina through the school office.

Te Waka Awhina Committee Members

Warren Bird (Assistant Principal),

Kōkā Ripeka Hāpuku ( Te Reo Māori / Social Studies teacher)

Gaye Evans-Love (Guidance Counsellor)

Nicola Littley-Va'asili (English teacher/Head of Kauri House)

Tessa McSherry (Head of Art)

Chloe Nowell-Usticke ( Visual Art teacher)

Felicity Potae (Technology Fabrics teacher)  

Andrea Wilson ( Cultural Coordinator)

Carl Vose ( Technology Wood teacher)

Lachlan Russell (Economics/Business teacher)

Lisa Hargreaves (Special Needs Department)

Steve Brown (Science teacher)

Matiu Whiting (Mathematics/Maori teacher)