​​​​​​​Opportunity and excellence are the guiding principals for education beyond the classroom at Havelock North High School.​​​​​​​


Opportunity and excellence are the guiding principles for sport at Havelock North High School. As well as a comprehensive sport and fitness programme in which all students participate, Havelock North High School boasts excellent training facilities including a large gymnasium complex, expansive playing fields, an all weather hockey turf, tennis and netball courts and a swimming pool.
Our students receive expert coaching, efficient team management and dedicated support from teachers and parents. Perhaps that’s why our students rise to the top.
The school takes part in sports exchanges with other secondary schools in the Central and Southern North Island enabling both junior and senior school teams to visit other schools and compete in a wide range of summer and winter codes. Fair play and sportsmanship are emphasised and promoted at all levels.

Fair play awards are regularly given to teams and individuals who exemplify qualities of good sportsmanship.  


Havelock North High School has an enviable reputation nationally in the performing arts. Drama and music can be studied at all levels in the school curriculum and there is keen competition to participate in the many co-curricular opportunities offered. The proud tradition of choral music performance is exemplified by the five choirs that operate, enabling students to participate in choral music for the sheer enjoyment or to work towards levels of choral excellence.