International Students

​​​​​​​All students are cared for through a comprehensive individual care system.  The Director of International Students, Mr Kitchin, and Homestay  Co-ordinator, Mrs Scott, has special responsibility for the welfare of International Students. Orientation programmes assist students to settle in, make appropriate subject courses, and ensure students meet the goals of their stay. 


Students are accommodated with homestay families in the local community. The Homestay Co-ordinator, Mrs Scott, manages the placement and supervision of homestay families and is available to students at lunchtime.  Homestay families are expected to treat their students as if they are part of their family.

Havelock North High School has excellent host families who provide a New Zealand home for our international students. We are always keen to accept applications from people who are interested in becoming host families. 

Families who approach this experience with enthusiasm and an open mind find the experience very rewarding and begin relationships that can last a lifetime. Many of our host families have been to visit their ex-students overseas or have had international students return to New Zealand for special events in their lives.

Selection of Host Families

Our host families include single parents, families, couples, and retirees. We welcome applications from anyone in the local area who speaks English in the home, has a spare furnished bedroom and has a desire to share their culture with an international student. 

Before accepting a host family we are required to police vet anyone 18 or over in the house and visit the house to do an inspection. We must also visit the house during the year to ensure that it is still a suitable place for a student.

To become a host family, please email Mrs Scott, Homestay Coordinator;​​​​​​​

What is expected of Host Families?

We ask our host families to:

  • provide three meals a day and snacks (including a packed lunch during the school week)
  • provide a safe, clean room with a bed, bed linen, desk, lamp and heating
  • do laundry for the student
  • show their students how to get to and from school (e.g. where the bus stop is, how to access the bus schedule, how to walk to school). Many host parents drop their students off and pick them up during the first week if they are able to.
  • spend time talking with their students and try to draw them into conversations to give them confidence speaking in English
  • involve their student in their family life
  • be warm, patient and caring yet able to be firm and set boundaries

All host families are provided with a guidebook when our Homestay Coordinator visits for the first time. The school works with host families to ensure a successful hosting experience. ​​​​​​​